Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Truth About British Rain - The Great British Weather

You are going to 
  • watch a clip about British weather
  • look at some True / False sentences
  • look at a paragraph which describes a process / cycle and do a vocabulary gap-fill
  • look at an IELTS task 1 question

    What do you think is the typical weather in the UK?
    Do you think the UK has a lot of rain?
    Why is it so rainy?

    Before you watch
    Decide if these sentences are true or false
    1. The UK has 189 days of rain a year.
    2. The Lake District in the UK
    3. All our rain comes from the Atlantic Ocean
    4. Much of our rain starts 4000 miles away in the Atlantic
    5. Every drop of our fresh water comes from the oceans
    6. It's a never ending cycle
    7. Swansea is the wettest city in the UK
    8. The Lake District gets 69 inches of rain a year
    9. It rains on average 111 days a year there
    10. Rainguage Cottage is probably the wettest cottage in England
    11. Emily Pratt feels proud of living in the wettest place
    12. The floods of 2009 happened after 5 days of heavy rain
    13. It was described as a once in a thousand year weather event
    14. The power of the great British weather should never be under-estimated.
    Now watch the clip to find out

    Now do the true or false exercise

    Correct sentences. Highlight below
    1. The UK has 199 days of rain a year.
    7. The Lake District gets 79 inches of rain a year
    8. It rains on average 211 days a year there
    11.The floods of 2009 happened after 3 days of heavy rain

    Watch again
    Fill in the gaps in the text. Watch the clip (0:39 - 1:18) and listen again to check.

    Printable worksheet here

    Find out more
    about UK weather here
    Is it raining in the UK today? Look here

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    1. There seems to be a mistake in the true/false answers, all the answers appear to be true. Could you please check?
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