Friday 16 September 2011

BBC Weather forecast - Weather vocabulary

You are going to
  • discuss weather
  • watch 2 weather forecasts and do a comprehension exercise
  • practise weather vocabulary
  • describe weather in your country

What’s the weather like in your country?
What’s your favourite type of weather?
What do you think these symbols mean?

Answers - highlight here = Signs feature; Sunny, Cloudy, Sunny intervals, Rain, Light rain, Heavy rain, Snow, Thunder and Lightning

Watch clip 1
What's the weather forecast for the UK?
Make a list of any weather words you see or hear.

Answers (highlight below)
showery (a), brightness (n), brighten up (v), bright (a), breezy, (a) rain (n), showers (n), thunder (n), sunshine (n), fresh(er) (a), chilly (a), light (a) winds (n) degrees (n)

Think of some more weather vocabulary. Write a list.
Note if they are adjective (a), noun (n), or verb (v)
Add them to the columns below the headings in the graph below

Cold (a)
Hot (a)
Rain (n)
Wind (n)
Sky (n)
In General
Cool (a)

Shower (n)

Clear (a)

Before you watch clip 2
You are going to see a weather forecast for Europe.
How many European countries and cities do you know?

Watch clip 2
Look at the questions
1) What is the weather in
  • Iberia (Spain and Portugal)? 
  • France?
  • Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)?

2) What are the temperatures in these cities on Wednesday?
  • Seville
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Berlin

On Thursday?
  • Moscow
  • Kiev

On Saturday?
  • Rome
  • Athens

Note; There are many expressions here you may not understand. Try to look and listen for the weather information only.
European weather forecast on June 14, 2011

Add any weather words you hear to your list

Highlight below to see suggested answers. If you can think of more add them to the list.

Cold (a)
Hot (a)
Rain (n)
Wind (n)
Sky (n)
In General
Cool (a)
Scorching (a)
Shower (n)
Showery (a)
Breezy (a)
Clear (a)
Changeable (a)
Chilly (a)
Boiling (a)
Drizzle (n)
Strong (a)
Blue (a)
Fine (a)
Subzero (a)
Mild (a)
Pouring (v)
Gale (n)
Bright (a)
Brightness (n) 
Brighten up (v)
Dry (a)
Freezing (a)
Humid (a)
Bucketing down (v)
Windy (a) Wind (n)
Overcast (a)
Unsettled (a)
Fresh (a)
Heat (n)
Thunder / Thunderstorm (n)
Light (a)
Grey (a)
Lively (a)

Wet (a)

Cloud (n)
Degrees (n)

Heavy (a)

Sunshine (n)

Thundery (a)

Foggy (a)
Misty (a)
Hazy (a)

    Now answer the questions in the quiz

    How much vocabulary can you remember? Try this word matching exercise

    Printable version here

    What is the typical weather where you live?
    Is it the same all the year round or is each season different?
    Describe the weather in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    Now play a game here 
    or here BBC Weather games

    Find out
    What's the weather like today?
    What's it like in your country?

    Describe the weather for today in your country or area

    Find out more about British weather here


    1. Thank you, this is an excellent all round lesson. I spent several days trying to find something suitable for adult students to cover the weather lesson and was unable to find anything. I had to pick and mix but I wasn't satisfied with the result. I will get rid of what I had and use your activities with the listening video as well.

    2. Thanks very much for your comment! Glad it's useful!

    3. thank for sharing the topic, it's usefull for me which i really need it.thank again.

    4. Oh my God, I think exactly the same as the first comment !!! I'm an spanish teacher trying to teach some science in english and after two days looking for some decent material about the weather, I finally found your activity. Thank you very much. In Barcelona 90 secondary students will learn about weather in english thanks to your material !

      1. Hi! Thanks for commenting. Very pleased it's so useful. I hope your students enjoyed it.

        Thanks again.

    5. Hello I want to tell you in name of all the students in 1 ESO D in IES Ramon Llull, in Palma, Mallorca, Spain; that we are studying the weather in english class and we found this post very useful and interesting. Thank you!

      1. Thanks for posting Andreu. I'm glad it was useful. Good luck with your studies!

      2. Hello!!! this post is very interesting. I know that study the weather in english is very funny!!!! And this post help me to learn more about the weather. Thank you.
        gerard falc├│.

    6. Hello,I'm a student from 1 ESO D in IES Ramon Llul and I found this post about the weather very useful and interesting. The exercises were a bit long but very interesting and I learnt one or two new words. Thank you for your great work!

      1. Thanks for you comment Nicolas. OK, next time I'll try and make the exercises a bit shorter ;)

    7. hallo! I'm a student from 1 eso D in ies ramon llull. This post is very interesting because we learnt more about the weather in english. Nicholas is right, the exercises are very long but they serve much to study

    8. Hi!
      I am another student from IES Ramon Llull my name is Alexandra but I prefer Alex.
      Well I liked your post and I think you did an amazing job!

      1. Thank you for your feedback everyone! I'll try to keep the exercises shorter from now on :)
        If anyone has any ideas for posts and activities I'm always interested in hearing them.


    9. Hi I am also a student at IES Ramon Llull, our teachers have put us exercises on this website;
      The truth is that I learned a lot of vocabulary about weather and several countries, in my opinion this web Pagin is well illustrated, congratulations :)!

    10. hi i'm a student of IES Ramon Llull and I wont to say thath this post is very good to study the weather, I learned many thinks with you it was very good to learn with you because I learn more with the teachers

    11. Hello!
      I'm a student of IES Ramon Llull and I want to tell you that you made a good job with this page!
      It's good for learn new things about the weather! Congratulations!

    12. Thanks to all the IES Ramon Llull students for their comments :)

    13. Hello,I'm a student from 1 ESO E in IES Ramon Llull. I really liked this blog and the questions. Thanks for the blog.

    14. Hi David. Thank You very much for such a lovely lesson! My student was really surprised that there are so many words to describe the weather! Oh, I do remember the times when we would talk about the weather for ages when I still lived in England:) Thanks again! All the best to you. Iza

      1. Thanks for commenting Iza. We are truly a nation obsessed with the weather :)
        Have a great day. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

    15. Hi David. Thank You very much for such a lovely lesson! My student was really surprised that there are so many words to describe the weather! Oh, I do remember the times when we would talk about the weather for ages when I still lived in England:) Thanks again! All the best to you. Iza

    16. Thanks David. It is indeed! Hope you get at least some sunny spells yourself! Have a good one, too.

    17. Hi,
      this is really a good idea. I'm teaching English in Germany. I would like to do it with my young learners. Unfortunately there is no internet access in the normal classrooms. Is there a posiibility of downloading this video (1st one) legally and using it without being connected to the internet?

    18. hi
      if you click on the video you should get a link to download it

      i really liked this as a resource - its great that the students listen to real english as it is spoken and it introduced so many weather words. Turkish people seem to find the British obsession with weather a bit strange though