Tuesday 12 April 2011

Past Simple / Past Continuous (with gif images)

Contrasting Past Simple with Past Continuous
Answer the questions in the past simple

The answers are written in black so highlight  Answer  with your mouse and continue moving it to the right to see the answer.

1) What happened while she was talking?
Answer = The ball hit her on the head (Ouch!)

2) What happened while he was fishing?
Answer = A shark jumped up and ate him.

3) What did he do while he was juggling?
Answer =  He dropped the ball

4) What did the penguin do while the other one was walking?
Answer = He hit him

5) What did the other penguin do when the first one was walking?
Answer = He tripped him

6) What did the cat do while the kitten was playing?
Answer = He jumped on him

7) What did the cat do when the baby was walking?
Answer = He jumped on him

8) What happened while the man was talking?
Answer = He hit the lamppost

If you got all the answers right...
You did very well !!!

Now try answering with the past continuous


  1. This is such a brilliant presentation! I'm sharing this to my blog! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Glad you find it useful!

  3. This is just fantastic!!! I've used it in one of my lessons and my students and I couldn't stop laughing! :D Thanks a million!

  4. Just found your presentation and it looks fantastic. I will try it with y student on Saturday morning- Thanks!

  5. what a great idea!!