Tuesday 28 June 2011

Mr Bean at the Dentist (Past Simple)

Mr Bean is late for his dental appointment and tries to get dressed and clean his teeth on the way. After arriving just in time for the appointment, he gives an anesthetic to the dentist.

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You are going to
  • watch some clips of Mr Bean and answer questions
  • practise using the Past Simple
  • write summary of the story in the past


    • How often do you go to the dentist?
    • Do you like going?
    • Did you ever have a filling?


    Do you know the past simple forms of these verbs? 
    go,  put,  continue,  get up,  walk,  shave,  do,  open,  take,  make,  wake,  see,  clean,  drink,  need,  give

    1. Look at the questions before you start
    2. Watch the clip
    3. Answer the questions in the interactive exercises after the clips

    Look at questions for parts 1 - 3
    Part 1 
    Which is the the correct answer?
    1)     Mr Bean’s alarm clock went off at 8.00 / 8.15 / 8.30   
    2)     He put the clock in the cupboard / a glass of water / a bag  
    3)     He continued reading a book / sleeping / watching TV

    Part 2 
    Put the following in the correct order
    Mr Bean…
    A)    got up
    B)    walked into the wall
    C)    shaved
    D)    did some exercise
    E)    opened the wardrobe and took out his clothes
    F)     made his bed
    G)    woke up and opened the curtains
    H)    saw a sign with a picture of some teeth and the time

    Part 3 
    Mr Bean got dressed in the car.
    3a) Which of the following clothes did he put on and in what order?


    3b) What did he do after he got dressed?

    Watch the clip

    Now answer the questions

    3b. What did he do after he got dressed?

    Highlight here for the answer = He cleaned his teeth

    Now look at the questions for part 4 
    Put these sentences in order
    A) “Bean!”
    B) “Mr Peggit’s ready for you now”
    C) “How are we today?”
    D) “If you’d like to take a seat”
    E) “Right! Get in the car!”
    F) “Good Morning. Do sit down

    Who says each sentence?
    Add the letter at the end of the sentence
    Choose from
    B - Mr Bean,
    D - the dentist,
    W - a woman 
    R - the receptionist


    Watch clip 2

    Now do the exercise

    Now look at the questions for part 5
    True or false?
    1)     He went up and down in the dentist’s chair
    2)     He cleaned his jacket
    3)     He drank a glass of tea
    4)     Mr bean gave the dentist an injection
    5)     He needed one filling
    6)     The dentist gave him four fillings

    Watch clip 3

    Now do the exercise

    Now write the false sentences so they are true.
    eg He didn't drink a glass of tea, he...

    Use these exercises to tell the story in the past
    Start like this;
    One day Mr Bean had to go to the dentist but he woke up late. He....

    Full length program here



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      1. You can download from the slideshare page here http://www.slideshare.net/DavidMainwood/mr-bean-at-the-dentist-past-8439242

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