Tuesday 6 December 2011

What will happen if..? (1st Conditional)

You are going to practise the 1st conditional by 
  • looking at some some photos and asking / answering questions
  • looking at a health and safety picture and predicting some dangers

1) Discuss / Find out
  • What is health and safety?
  • What is the 1st conditional
  • When do we use it?
  • How do we make it?
Answers. Highlight here
Health and safety = People try and look at present dangers and predict accidents before they happen
We use the 1st conditional to talk about things which we can see now will be probable in the future.

    If + Verb in Present, + Future

    What will happen if you practise?
    If you practise, you will learn

    2) Practise
    Watch the presentation. Ask and answer questions about the photos using the 1st Condional. Click the page to go.

    3) Discuss / Write
    Look at the picture. What dangers can you see?
    How many sentences can you make using the 1st conditional?
    eg If someone opens the door, the woman will fall off the chair.

    Picture source http://www.cnxnotts.co.uk/pdfs/kangaroo/partners/WRL/OopsOuchAargh.pdf

    4) More practice
    Conditionals 1 and 2 here http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/2011/04/conditionals-1-and-2.html


    More health and safety language http://www.esolcourses.com/topics/health-and-safety.html

    Find / take some photos of your class / college / home and make sentences about any dangers you see.
    Make a health and safety leaflet. Remember to use some 1st Conditionals If you..., you will...

    Some suggested answers for the picture - highlight below
    • If someone opens the door, the woman will fall off the chair
    • If she falls, she will hurt herself
    • If the kettle falls off the cupboard, boiling water will burn someone.
    • If the woman at the desk touches the electic fire, she will burn her feet
    • If the electric fire gets too hot, it will burn the desk or start a fire
    • There are boxes and a cup on the floor. If the man trips on them, he will drop the box
    • The man is smoking. If the cigarette ash falls in the box, it will start a fire
    • There are too many plugs in the socket. If they get too hot, they will start a fire
    • If someone opens the door, he will trip on the wires
    • There are too many books and files on the high shelf. If it breaks, they will fall and break the computer or hurt someone.

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