Thursday 26 May 2011

Making Potato Chips - IELTS Describing a process / Passive

    1. How do they make potato chips / crisps?
    2. You are going to watch a video which shows the process 
    3. You are going to write a description of the process using the passive and some sequencing words 

      A) Look at these verbs. Check you know the meanings
      manufacture / drop / move / take / wash / rinse / sort / peel / slice / fry / salt / shake / dry / cool / pack / seal / transport

      B) Do you know the participles?
      Highlight below for the answers
      manufactured / dropped / moved / taken / washed / rinsed / sorted / peeled / sliced / fried / salted / shaken / dried / cooled / packed / sealed / transported

      C) Check you know these words
      conveyor belt / chute / tank / oil / packet

      D) Using the present simple passive
      • The passive is associated with an impersonal formal style. It is often used in notices, announcements and describing processes.
      • Check you know how to make the present simple passive with this presentation

      E) You can use these words to describe the sequence of events
      • To begin with
      • First of all
      • Firstly
      • Secondly, thirdly, etc
      • Then
      • Next
      • After that
      • Subsequently
      • Eventually
      • Finally

      F) Watch the clip / Writing
      • Describe the process using the vocabulary given above. Try and use as many passives as you can.
      • Don't forget to say what the process is in the introduction. The video shows ...
      • Write a final sentence which concludes the process. The crisps are now ready to be delivered to the shops.

      G) Read about the manufacture of potato crisps here

      H) Related reading for writing task 1 IELTS


      1. Thanks a lot. I have the nex an exam and it was very useful to learn.

      2. Brilliant lesson plan!! Very creative and well planned!!

      3. Really good lesson. I think your blog has a lot to offer.


      4. hi

        thanks a great lesson, used it for two classes.
        i was wondering if you meant chute and not shoot in the rest of the list of nouns starting with conveyor belt?

        1. Mura, whoops! Thanks for spotting that! I've changed it to chute.

        2. David,

          I love your work! You have done some excellent plans and all are creative, entertaining and at the same time focused on the learning goal! Thanks for all! I teach English in Sofia, Bulgaria and am using some of your work - for example, modals and present and past deduction :) next week. Thanks again! Will follow your page! :)

          Warm regards,

        3. Thanks for you comment Kristina. It's appreciated.
          Glad it's useful!

      5. Hi, I'm an IELTS teacher. And sometimes teaching for exams can be very dry and boring. This is a good way of varying lessons on IELTS writing. I haven't used a video. This looks a good way of teaching how to write about processes. Thanks for this.

      6. This is great for showing how passives for process are actually used in the real world. I think my classes will like it.
        Thanks for this.

      7. Thank you so much - I've been geting desperate with all the describing-a-process materials focussing around making champagne or parma ham - pretty useless when you've got a class full of arabs. Everyone loves crisps.

        1. Thanks for your comment Jane. Glad it was of use.

      8. Using this in 2016 for a LINC 6/7 class. Thanks.

      9. i love chips, but potato is better