Sunday 22 May 2011

8 Secrets of Success

You are going to
  1. watch a clip and discuss what makes people successful 
  2. match and discuss some quotes about success 
  3. think of and agree on a motto or slogan for your class
  4. do a quiz to find out if you could be a success
  5. write about what makes a successful teacher / manager / student

    1) Discuss. 
    • What makes someone succesful?
    • What do you think are the secrets of success?

    2) Watch the clip.  
    You are going to watch Richard St John
    What are his eight secrets of success?

    Answer (in black. Highlight here) =  Passion, Work, Focus, Push, Serve, Good, Have ideas, Persist. 

    3) Match the quote to the person
    Can you remember who said what? Match the quotes to the names on the left.
    Watch the video again to check.

    You can watch the clip and read a transcript here

    4) Discuss
    • What do you think of the opinions in the quotes?
    • Which do you agree with / disagree with?
    • Do you think they are true? Why? Why not?
    • What are the secrets of being a) a good student? ) b) a good teacher? c) a good leader / manager?

    Read more famous quotes about success

    5) Discussion / group work 
    Slogans / Mottos. 
    Make a slogan for your class or for yourself

    Here are some slogans and mottos

    ·   The pen is in your hand, the rest is still unwritten
    ·   You only go around once in  this life, so you have to grab for all the gusto you can get.  - Schiltz Beer
    ·   Be all that you can be. – US Army
    ·   Just Do It. – Nike
    ·   Taking Care of Business.

    More here 

    Activity - Work together. Can you think of a slogan or motto for your class? Think of some ideas and choose the best one for your class. Print it or turn it into a poster and put in on the wall!

    6) Reading

    Try these quizzes to find out if you will be successful

    7) Writing 
    Choose 1
    What do you think are the secrets of being 
    a) a good student?
    b) a good teacher? 
    c) a good leader / manager? 
    Give reasons to support your ideas.

    And so finally...

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