Sunday 20 July 2014

"Been there. Done that" - Present Perfect / Past Simple Contrast + Game

You are going to
  • practise the present perfect to talk about things you have done in your life
  • use the past simple to give extra details about when / where / why you did it
  • play a game to practise the present perfect / past simple

1) Discuss
A) How do we make the present perfect?
Answer - highlight below
The present perfect  = Have / Has  (‘ve / ‘s ) + Participle

B) Look at these verbs.
What are the participles?

Answers - highlight below
been  broken  caught  dressed  eaten  failed  found  flown  lost  met  played  ridden  sailed  seen  sung  skied  slept  swum  visited  won 

C) Present Perfect and Past Simple. What's the difference?
  1. Which tense do we use to talk about something we have done in our lives (but when is not important)?
  2. Which tense do we use to give extra information about the action (when / where / why...)?
Answers. Highlight below
Present Perfect - I have run in a marathon.
Past Simple - I ran in the marathon last year.

2) Speak
A) Look at the presentation and make and answer the questions in the present perfect.
You can answer the follow-up questions in the past simple

B) Now do the matching exercise

4) Speak / Play a game
What have you done?
  1. Think of some things you have done in your life.
  2. Write 8 sentences in the present perfect about things you have done. Can you think of anything that (in your class) ONLY YOU have done.
For example;
I've been to New York.
I've swum 400m
I've run in a marathon

Play the  "I'm the only one" game. 
  1. Everyone says a sentence in the present perfect. You win a point if you have done something that no one else in the class has done.
  2. Win another point if you say when or where you did it in the past simple.
The person or pair with the most points is the winner.

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  1. Fun! I also like having students look at the site, "you're getting old" to compare past perfect and past simple to see

    1. Thanks for commenting Carissa. That's a good idea! Nice blog btw.