Monday 9 September 2013

What are they doing? - Quiz Game

You are going to
  • play a game.
  • practise gerunds and present continuous 
Note -  This game can be downloaded as a ppt file below. The ppt version can be done as a class game and the gap-fill version could then be done individually to practise spelling. It can also be done after looking at this post here - Present Continuous (with gif images)

1) Discuss
How many action verbs can you think of?
Say them with -ing
eg stand = standing, jump = jumping...
Act them

Look at the penguins. What are they doing?


2) Play the game
Now look at the questions below. What are they doing?
How many can you answer correctly?
(The gif images may sometimes be slow to display.depending on your connection speed.)

Download activity as ppt file here

3) Play
Do a mime of one of the verbs
Who can guess what you are doing?

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  1. There are empty boxes with no pictures.

  2. The gif images may be slower to display...

  3. Cool activity. Thanks for making it into a downloadable PPT. I always want to use these types of things in class, but the time that it takes to make them often outweighs the time I use them, so using something someone else already made takes care of that problem. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Tim. Once it's made it can be adapted and used and reused so it's always worth it I think.

      If any of the gif images don't display try refreshing the page.


  4. excellent site!!!!!!!! May I use it with students???? Great!!!