Friday 15 April 2011

Present Continuous (with gif images)

What are they doing in the pictures?
The answers are written in black so highlight Answer to find out

Answer They are clapping


Answer They are cooking, listening to music, drinking and watching a movie


Answer They are dancing


Answer  I am driving


Answer  They are eating


Answer  He's fishing


Answer  He's juggling


Answer  He's laughing


Answer  She's listening to music


Answer  He's jumping


Answer  She's looking at you


Answer He's playing football


Answer  They are playing table tennis


Answer  He's playing the guitar


Answer  The cat is riding a bicycle


Answer  She is reading


Answer  He's saying "Potatoes"


Answer  He's speaking

                                         Answer 1  The teacher is teaching
                                         Answer 2  The student is throwing a piece of paper

Answer  He's walking


Answer  He's working


Answer  He's writing notes.  Are you writing notes?

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