Thursday 5 September 2013

Jump and Slide (Quiz Game - Beginners / Elem)

A beginners quiz game to practise making questions

Individuals or teams see an answer and must ask the correct question.
An elementary version is here Jump and Slide 2 (Quiz Game - Elementary)
A pre-intermediate version is here Jump and Slide 3 (Quiz Game - Pre-Int) 

Students should see the questions / answers "board" projected on an interactive whiteboard (if so they can come out and "touch" the numbers to play) or on a screen.
Students could also play it on tablets if available.

1) You can download the "board" below and print it as A3. Teams throw a dice, land on a square and answer the corresponding question. If correct, they move a piece (as in a traditional snakes and ladders style game) until they arrive at the "end".

2) Or you can do it as revision quiz without the board
It can be downloaded as a ppt file below and adapted.

See below for game instructions

This image can be downloaded below for printing.

  1. Click anywhere to start
  2. Throw a dice. 
  3. Move your piece. 
  4. When you land on a square (on your printed sheet), click on the number in the game below and ask the right question. 
  5. Click again anywhere on the screen to see if your answer is correct.
  6. Click the blue triangle (bottom right) to go back to the home "game" page.
  7. Continue until you reach the end.

Game sheet is jpg here (right click and "save as") or word doc here
The game as a ppt file is here

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below


  • Question forms (Beginners > Elementary) Present Simple, Question Forms


  1. None of the links to the downloads are available any longer.

    1. They were linked to dropbox which suddenly decided to stop hosting them. Sorry. Blame dropbox.

    2. See last post for possible solution