Monday 12 December 2011

Breakfast with Eric and Ernie

You are going to
  • discuss breakfast
  • look at breakfast / kitchen words
  • watch a video about breakfast
  • practise asking and answering questions in the present simple
  • practise using auxiliaries in the present simple - Do, Don't, Does, Doesn't
  • describe what you do for breakfast

Teacher's note. This activity is designed to practise the present simple. By substituting Did for Do / Does it can also practise the past. Students can describe the activity in the past if they know the past forms of eat, drink, listen, make, put, throw, catch, beat (eggs), squeeze, open, close, toss (pancakes), cut, take

    Revise and practise the present simple here

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    Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise

    Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise were two famous British comedians. This clip shows how they make breakfast when they are listening to the radio.

    1) What time do you have breakfast?

    2) What do you eat and drink for breakfast?
        Do you
    • drink tea?
    • drink coffee?
    • drink orange juice?
    • eat a cereal?
    • eat toast?
    • eat bacon and eggs?
    • eat biscuits?
    • eat pancakes?
    • make your breakfast?

    3) Look at the photo. What can you see on the table?

    4) What is your kitchen like? Describe it.

    5) Have you got these in your kitchen?


      6) What other things have you got in your kitchen? Make a list in 1 kettle, cooker...

      Watch the clip

      1) Vocabulary check
      What do these words mean?
      throw, catch, slices, beat (eggs), squeeze, open, close, toss (pancakes), cut, take

      2) Look at the photos. What are their names?


      3a) Look at the list of breakfast activities before you watch.
      Put their names next to the activities you see them do. After you watch do the interactive exercises below the video
      listen to the radio = Eric and Ernie
      beat the eggs = Ernie
      eat breakfast cereal
      cut the lemons = Eric
      drink coffee = X (They don't drink coffee)
      squeeze lemons
      eat biscuits
      toss pancakes
      throw slices of bread
      put water in the tea pot
      catch the bread
      make the tea
      put bread in the toaster
      catch the toast
      open the cupboards
      take sausages out of the fridge


      3b) How much can you remember? Choose the correct answer

      Ask and answer questions
      For example
      • Does Eric catch the bread? Yes he does
      • Does Ernie put the bread in the toaster. No he doesn't, Eric puts the bread in the toaster


      Revise and practise the present simple here

      Describe what you do for breakfast
      I have breakfast at 8 o'clock. I drink...

      Practice of past simple
      Look at the pictures at the end of the presentation below
      Tell the story in the past. Use the vocabulary from the exercises and these verbs in the past; eat, drink, listen, make, put, throw, catch, beat (eggs), squeeze, open, close, toss (pancakes), cut, take
      For example;  This morning Eric and Ernie had breakfast. They ate cereal and listened to the radio…


      1. Thanks for this lesson. I will be using it this week and let you know how it works with my adult students.
        I love the way you present the lesson plans, and they always work so well in my classes.

      2. Thanks Debbie! Hope it goes well!
        ~ David

        1. HELLO

          thanks for your great lesson we are going to have fun while working on it!

      3. Great classicsketch. Thank you for the lesson plan.