Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Mystery Person Game - Past Simple

You are going to 
  • play a revision game
  • look at some pictures and practise the past simple
  • write about someone's life using the past simple

1) Before you play. Check
Do you know the past simple form of these verbs?

Be  Break  Brush  Buy  Can  Clean  Cut  Do  Drink  Drive  Eat  Fly  Go  Have  Learn  Like  Listen  Lose  Play  Ride  See  Send  Speak  Study  Swim  Talk  Travel  Use  Visit  Watch  Wear  Write

2) Play
Game Instructions.
Someone has disappeared. You have to make sentences using the past simple about the person's life using the pictures as prompts.
  1. Decide if the "mystery person" is a man or a woman (He or She)
  2. Click the page forward.
  3. Make sentences about the photos in the past simple.
  4. Continue. Play in teams. You can get a point for each correct sentence. Some photos can have more than one sentence so you can win more points for each one you make.

Download the ppt here

3) Write
What can you remember about the mystery person?
Give him or her a name and write about them. You can invent new information.
What happened to him or her? Why did he or she disappear?

4) More Practice
  1. Look at the sentences in the ppt presentation
  2. Say each sentence in the past
  3. Make the question in the past.
  4. Click to continue

Say the sentences and questions in the past simple from David Mainwood

Download the ppt here

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