Sunday 22 January 2012

Air New Zealand All Blacks Flight Safety Video

You are going to
    1) Discuss flying and air safety procedures
    2) Watch a flight safety video and do some comprehension activities
    3) Look at and practise the following grammar points;
       a) the zero conditional with an imperative
       b) "should" and "were to" in conditionals to express improbability eg "If something should / were to happen..."
       c) language for advice, instructions and obligation
    4) Write an instruction / advice leaflet
    5) Adapt your leaflet into a powerpoint presentation or film

        Teacher's notes; 
        1. Answers are in the powerpoint presentation at the bottom of the post
        2. The All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby team.

        1) Discuss
        • How often do you fly?
        • Do you pay attention to the flight safety demonstrations?
        • Do you know what to do in an emergency?
        • Make a note of any vocabulary you need to explain what to do. For example; take off, land, exit, signs, seats, fasten, seat-belt, life-jacket, oxygen mask, overhead compartments, evacuate

        2) Video 
        a) Do you know..?
        You are going to watch a flight safety video. How many of these questions do you know the answers to?
        1. Where should you store your baggage?
        2. What should you do if the seat-belt sign is switched on?
        3. If an oxygen mask should drop down in front of you, what would you do?
        4. What should you make sure of before you help anyone?
        5. If an emergency were to happen during take-off or landing, what should you do?
        6. How do you put on the life-jacket?
        7. Where can you smoke?
        8. How will you find the exit if there is no light?
        9. What should you count?
        10. What should you do with your mobile phone?

        2b) Watch the video to check your answers

        Air New Zealand - 'Crazy About Rugby' Safety Video from CDow on Vimeo.

        2c) After you watch. How much can you remember? 
        Finish the sentences.

        1. Even if you fly with us often, please keep your eyes on the briefing.
        2. Make sure all your baggage is stored away…
        3. Whether you’re in the front row or the back…
        4. We recommend you keep your seat-belt fastened throughout the flight, but…
        5. If the seat-belt sign is switched on…
        6. If an oxygen mask should drop down in front of you…
        7. If there are young ones around you…
        8. If an emergency were to happen during take-off or landing…
        9. If you find yourself needing to smoke on this flight…
        10. If you need to find your way out even if it’s All Black…
        11. Should we need to evacuate…
        12. Mobile phones can interfere with aircraft systems and mustn’t be used in flight unless...

        Can't remember them all?
        Try the matching exercise below

        3) Discuss Grammar
        1. What do these sentences have in common?
        2. What's the difference between them?

           A) If an oxygen mask drops down in front of you, use it to breathe.
           B) If an oxygen mask were to drop down in front of you, use it to breathe.
           C) If an oxygen mask should drop down in front of you, use it to breathe.
           D) Should an oxygen mask drop down in front of you, use it to breathe.

        3. Which 3 are the most unlikely? 

        If + "were to... "

        Conditionals - Alternative forms

        4) Writing
        Use the information from the video to write a flight safety advice leaflet.
        Write a leaflet advising people what to do in an emergency
        For example - A fire
        Does your school or college have fire drills?
        Do you know what to do and where to go if there was a fire?

        Use some of the language from the video
        • If the alarm were to ring...
        • If the alarm should ring...
        • Should the alarm ring...
        • Make sure you...
        • All students must...
        • We recommend (that) you + verb

          5) Speaking
          Turn your leaflet from part 4 into a presentation or film.
          Make a powerpoint presentation
          direct and act in an instructional film telling people what to do in an emergency

          6) Sporting vocabulary
          This Air New Zealand video features the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team. There are many sporting expressions in the video. Read the transcript here  or watch the video again. How many can you find?

          Make a note of any other vocabulary in the film that you find useful

          More air safety videos

          Powerpoint presentation (containing answers)
          Click to start

          Air safety from David Mainwood


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          1. This reminds me of the scene in the movie Fight Club where Taylor shows him the pamphlet showing people breathing oxygen and being sedated.