Monday 1 July 2013

The Rolling Word Game

(Beg.s > Pre-Int)

You are going to 
  • play a revision game
  • practise and revise vocabulary by making sentences using word prompts

Teacher's note. I uploaded this here as it has been a very popular game with my younger classes.
You can start or finish at any point depending on the level of the class. The words are more or less ordered according to level from beginners vocab through to prepositions, present continuous, simple past, comparatives, participles  etc 
If teams note down and "collect" the words in order to make a sentence with them to win it can go on for up to 15 minutes (with 2 teams). Otherwise set a time limit.and just award points for each correct sentence.

  1. Throw 1 or 2  dice.
  2. Click the page forward according to the number on the dice.
  3. Make a correct sentence with the word shown.
  4. Continue. Play in teams. You can get points for each correct sentence or save each word and whoever can make a complete sentence with the words collected is the winner.

 Click play to start

You can download and adapt the game here

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