Monday 10 June 2013

The Biggest and the Best - Superlatives Quiz Game

You are going to
  1. do a quiz practising superlatives
  2. watch part of a BBC Quiz show "The Kids Are All Right" to check your answers
  3. look at some photos to practise comparatives and superlatives
  4. make your own superlatives quiz

    Teacher's note; this is a short activity which acts as an aid to introduce, revise or practise superlatives.

    1) Do a Quiz
    Can you answer these questions?
    Click on the display. Time yourself. You have 10 seconds to answer each question.
    Vocabulary check - alphabetically, borders, sum, southerly

    2) Watch and check your answers
    Now check your answers by watching this clip form the BBC's The Kids Are All Right.
    The Kids are All Right is a general knowledge quiz show where children and teenagers compete against adults to see who is the cleverest.

    Who do you think will win - the kids or the adults?
    Watch and find out.

    3) Practise
    Comparatives and Superlatives
    Can you remember? What were the superlatives in the quiz?
    • What do you know about comparatives and superlatives?
    • When do we use them?
    • How do we make them?
    Look at the presentation below and answer the questions.

    4) Make your own quiz
    • Think of questions to practise superlatives. Use biggest, longest, shortest most popular etc. Have a class quiz and test each other.

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