Thursday 26 January 2012

Groundhog Day

Teacher's note; the worksheet below was designed to be watched in a computer room as an individual student activity. It is quite long (the opening 30 minutes of the film) and revises present simple for habit. The advantages of doing the activity individually are that it gives the student the chance to pause and rewind difficult sections of dialogue until they have understood and completed the worksheet to their own satisfaction. However it can be done as group activity in class if it is divided into more easily digestible chunks.
The film is not on Youtube

DVD available from amazon here

1) Introduction
  • What happens at the Groundhog Day festival?
  • When is it?
Find out here

Watch the film trailer
  • What is Phil Connors' job? 
  • Why is he in Punxsutawney?
  • What strange thing happens to him there?

2) Reading
  • Toby Young's review of Groundhog Day here
  • Pages from New progress to First Certificate: Self-study student's book By Leo Jones (1997, out of print) based on Tony Young's review on Google Books here

3) Film worksheet

4) Discuss
  • Why do you think Phil is living the same day again and again?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of living the same day again and again?
  • If you were Phil what would you do? 
  • Would you want to stay repeating the same day or would you try to find a way out?
  • What do you think Phil will learn from the experience?
  • What do you think is the message of the film?

5) More Groundhog Day resources
The Best Resources For Groundhog Day
by Larry Ferlazzo 

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