Sunday 26 February 2012

Inspiring People

You are going to
  • watch a video and talk about people who inspire others
  • practise past simple
  • practise some vocabulary connected with occupations and people who try to change the world
  • talk about what / who inspires you

1) Discuss
What does inspiring mean?
  • What kind of people or things inspire you?
  • In what jobs is it necessary to try and inspire people?
  • Why do people try to inspire others?
Look at the photos below. 
  • How many of them do you know? 
  • What do you know about them?

Look at their names

Top left to right - Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Che Guevara, Bob Marley,
Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi, Emmeline Pankhurst


2) Do the matching exercise
How many do you know? Match the occupation with the name.
You can drag and drop the occupations to the names.

3) Discuss
Who do you think is the most inspiring of the 10?
Watch the clip. Do you agree with the choice of people?

4) Discuss
  • Do you agree with the choice of people in the list? Why / Why not?
  • What can you remember about the people in the clip?

5) Do the quiz
Be careful of spelling and punctuation. You can use numbers in some answers.

6) Read
Can you put the correct past forms in the gaps?

7) Do the crossword
The answers are all from the video / reading text.
How many can you remember?

Crossword printable version here
Printable exercises here

8) Speak
Do a balloon debate

9) Discuss / Write
Who inspires you?
Write about someone who inspires you.

1. Introduce the person. Who are they? Why are they important to you?
2. Describe the the person in more detail. Describe their character / personality. Why / How do they inspire you? Do they inspire you because of their beliefs / their actions? What exactly have you learnt from them?
3. Are you a better person because of them? How have they changed you? Give an example of something you do that they inspired.
4. Conclude. How would your life be different without them? Restate why they are important to you in a few words.

10) Read
What inspires you? Try a quiz

11) More
Shakira and Beyonce / Writing a biography of someone you admire

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