Wednesday 29 February 2012

Plans for Leap Year Day

You are going to
  • listen to radio clip about Leap Year Day and answer some questions
  • listen to going to and present continuous used for plans and arrangements

1) Discuss
  • What is Leap Year Day?
  • Why is it special?
  • Do you have any traditions connected with Leap Year Day?
  • Do you do anything special on Leap Year day?

2) Listen to this radio clip
What are the people going to do?
Listen and do the matching exercise below

Listeners plan their Leaps for PM (mp3)

From BBC Radio 4 PM

3) Discuss
Do the activities seem special to you?
What is special about the people who are doing them?

4) Now answer these questions

5) Discuss
  • Are you going to do anything special for Leap Year Day?
  • When is the next Leap Year Day?
  • How much time have you got to prepare?

6) More on Leap Year Day

Printable version here

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