Sunday 24 April 2011

Life in the UK; The British and how to understand them.

You are going to 
  • Look at website and answer some questions about the UK 
  • Write a report about the UK

1) Introduction.

The UK or Great Britain? 
What's the difference? 
Watch the clip and find out.

Complicated isn't it?

2) Reading
You are going to look at an excellent  website about the UK

Click on each of the links on this page and find the answers to the questions.

1) The Making of the UK   >   Introduction to Great Britain   >   History of London    How old is London?

2) Daily Life and Everyday needs   >  British People
What characteristics are the British famous for?

3) Education     What age do children start school in England?

4) Britain Today  >  Stereotypes   What are the English stereotypes?  Do you think they are true?

5) Climate / Weather  What are the best months to travel in England?

6) How Britain is governed   What does MP stand for?

7) The British Royal Family  >  The Queen  When is the Queen’s birthday?

8) Symbols of the UK and Great Britain  >  What and when are the National Days?  When is the National day of England?

9) Festivals / Holidays   >  Traditional Holidays   >  Bonfire Night   When is Bonfire night and why do we celebrate it?

10) Practicalities for Visitors  >  Tipping   How much should you leave as a tip in a restaurant?

11) Glossary of British Words

A) Where do you go to 'spend a penny'?
B) What has happened to someone who has 'kicked the bucket'?
C) Why do people in England drive slowly over a 'sleeping policeman'? 

Put all the answers in this quiz

12) Go back to some pages you found interesting and find 5 more interesting things about the UK.  What are they? Why are they interesting?


13) What are the big differences between the UK and your country? Make some sentences.
Try and use some comparatives; eg older, larger, more modern, more populated, colder...

14) Now try some Classroom Activities


3) Writing - A report about life in the UK

Write a report describing life in the UK. You can copy and paste photos from the internet or add your own.
Use headings; You can talk about the food, the people, music, films, sport, beliefs, culture, history, education, work, weather…

Here are some links to help you;

Cultural dos and don'ts -

Britain / U.K / England -

Symbols of England -

Food -

Superstitions -

4) Discussion 
  • What advice do these clips give you?

  • How many ways are there to say I don't understand? Make a note.

  • Is politeness important? Why do the British always say Sorry, Please and Thank you
  • What does this cartoon tell you about being polite in English?

Answer - We use a lot of words.

  • Do you think these stereotypes are true? 
  • Are there similar stereotypes about people in your country?

More LGP postcards about the British

  • And finally, don't forget that sense of humour...

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