Tuesday 19 April 2011

Modal Verbs for Possibility and Certainty

"Try this. You might like it. It could be good. You may learn something. That can't be bad, can it? It must be worth having a go..."

Watch the presentation and make sentences with may, might, could, must, can't be for possibility and certainty

More online practice  Modal verbs Deduction and probability, by ptrces



  1. Thanks David, your presentation could be useful.

  2. Your presentations are absolutely impressive and very helpful.
    I do feel that it is neccessary to explain when we use may versus might versus could. This is really missing. This only explains the not sure versus sure concept.
    It doesnt really tell me which of the modals to use.

  3. Thanks for commenting. I think it is intended as a general introduction for an elementary or pre-int class.