Monday 18 April 2011

Present Perfect Continuous / Progressive

You are going to practise the present perfect continuous


  • What have you been doing this week?

    Watch the video.
    • What has Jesse been doing this week?
    • What tense does he use? Why? 

    • When do we use the Present Perfect Continuous?
    • How do we make it? 

    Look at the presentation. Click play to go. 
    Look at the pictures and make sentences in the Present Perfect Continuous


    1. Hey, I really like your site and especially the use of the Fast Show to learn English. Fingers crossed all foreigners end up speaking West Country! These vids may be good for your site. This one is on the present perfect:
      And this one is more light-hearted :-)

    2. Thanks for your comments Jamie. The vids look good too. Any students reading this should check them out.
      Hmmm... Teaching West Country as a foreign language... you could be onto something there. :)

      Cheers again
      - David