Sunday 15 May 2011

Job Interviews: Body Language - Making A Good First Impression

    You are going to

    • watch a clip and discuss how to create a good impression in a job interview.
    • watch a clip with Judi James, one of the UK’s leading body language / behaviour experts, who will give you some advice on good body language
    • answer the questions based on the clips, discuss and write an advice leaflet.

    Video 1
    Discussion - Job Interviews

    • What advice would you give to someone going to a job interview?
    • Think of some ideas and then watch the video to check. What are their Dos and Don'ts?

    Answers in black - Highlight here =  Here are some; Dress well, Good handshake, Give a concise summary of your career and goals, focus and what can be improved about yourself, avoid answering personal questions by emphasising your professional life... and turn off your phone

    Video 2
    1) Discuss  
    • What is body language?

    Answer highlight here = Body language is a form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements.

    2) Who is Judi James?
    Before you watch. Go here and find out
    • Who is Judi James? 

    3) Before you watch
    Discuss the photos

    4) Watch the clip and check your answers.  Then answer the questions below.

    1) Make a great entrance
        How many seconds do you have to impress people when you first walk into an interview?
        What should you put on your face? 
        Why should you scan and look around the room?

    2) A good handshake
        Why is a good handshake vital?
        What is a good handshake? 
        Where should you look?
        What should you remember to do? 

    3) Posture
        What should you practise if you are nervous?
        Why should you sit well back?
        What should you do with your elbows and legs?

    4) Hand Gestures

        Why shouldn't you fold your arms?
        Where should you keep your hands? 

    5) Mirroring
        What is "mirroring"?
        Why should you do it?

    Video link here


    5) What can you remember?

    Answer the questions in the quiz



    7) Writing

    • Write a leaflet giving advice to someone who is going to a job interview.
    • Write a leaflet giving advice to someone who is looking for work.

    Don't forget to use language for advice and obligation - You should / shouldn't / ought to / must / mustn't
    And make suggestions - Why don't you..?  

    See here for more language for advice and suggestions 


    1. Hi David,

      Really like the way you have developed your blog - thank you for sharing so much!

    2. Thanks Ana Cristina,
      I hope some of it is useful!
      If you should try any of this let me know how it goes!


    3. Hi David, the link to the site is outdated: it now links to a (I think) Chinese website. Cheers for all your great work!

      1. Hi Markwin,
        Thanks for that. I don't what the problem was but I've changed it to a different link but the same info (I think)
        Thanks again!