Thursday 19 May 2011

Rough Guide to... Activity Holidays. Part 2 - Laos

You are going to
1) Watch a clip and do a gap-fill exercise
2) Write about a holiday you have had

This post can be done with
Rough Guide to Activity Holidays. Part 1 - Tenerife 

Toby Amies in Laos.
Watch the clip and fill in the spaces in the summary below.

Toby Amies in Laos
Toby wrote an article describing his trip. Fill in the gaps.

Use Toby's article to write a description of a holiday you have been on.
  • Introduction. Write 2 or 3 sentences to give a general description of the place and say why you went there.
  • Main text. Give detailed descriptions of 3 or 4 activities you did there
  • Conclusion. Give a recommendation. Explain why the reader should go there (a couple of reasons will be enough)

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