Saturday 9 November 2013

Interactive Quiz - Are you a Good Language Learner? By Marisa Constantinides

You are going to do a quiz to discover how good you are at learning a language.

  • Are you good language learner?
  • Could you be better?
  • Try a quiz to find out how good you are.

This quiz is copied directly from Marisa Constantinides' TEFL Matters blog here. All thanks are due to her for compiling the quiz questions.
All I have done is turn it into an interactive quiz for users of this blog.

Please read Marisa's original post here

Now try the quiz.

When you have finished your score should be visible below the title of the quiz.

Your Score
Quite obviously, the more a answers you have managed to collect, the closer you tend to be to the ideal profile of the Good Language Learner. Most Good Language Learners average a score of about 70%.  If you have scored more than 90%, well then, you are a rare creature indeed!

If you did not score high
If your score is less than the Good Learner average, identify the areas of difficulty and plan a course of action for yourself.

For instance, if you answered B for Question 23, make it a point of training yourself to be a better listener by listening to more tapes, switching regularly to watching English speaking TV  channels, You Tube videos and films, listening to TED talks on topics of interest.
 - Marisa Constantinides

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  1. Hi David,
    Great work on making the quiz interactive :) I'm going to use it with my students. In my blog I've got a section For Students (, and I was wondering if I could embed your post there? I've also been thinking about writing a post on good learner characteristics, so I'd like to mention you and embed the quiz there if it's ok with you, as well as Marisa's original post.
    I'll send you the link when the post is online.

    1. Hi Marek. Thanks for posting. That sounds great!

  2. sir, please send me some tips to become a Good Learner