Saturday 24 March 2012

UK goes online shopping

You are going to
  • listen to a a radio interview about a report on commercial use of the internet
  • do a gap fill exercise
  • do a crossword based on the vocabulary used in the inteview

Note; the crossword can be done before or after the gap-fill

1) Discuss
  • Do you use the internet for shopping or business?
  • What kind of business can be done online?
  • What are the advantages of using the internet for shopping and business?
  • Do you think online shopping and e-commerce are trends that will grow in the future?

2) Vocabulary
Check you know these words
benefits      combination    consumption     contribution     development      downside      e-commerce     exports      GDP     household     incentives      infrastructure      investment      lead    locate     net     skills      workforce

3) Listen
A new study shows that the UK appears to be leading the world in the commercial use of the internet. The Boston Consulting Group's Paul Swillenberg, who wrote the report, explains why this is the case.
From BBC Radio 4 Today

Listen to the interview
  • How much of the British economy is online?
  • Why do people shop online?
  • What recommendations are given to further support commercial use of the internet?

4) Gap-fill

Listen again and fill in the gaps

5) Do the crossword.
All vocabulary is from the listening

6) Discuss / Write

"We should also make sure people are not left behind. 10% of (UK) population is still not online and there are tremendous benefits if they were"
In what ways does having a large number of people with internet access benefit society and business? Do you agree that it is a positive development?

7) More

Printable versions of gap-fill here
crossword here

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