Thursday 20 September 2012

Prepositions - "Summer Bummer" by Bill Plympton

You are going to
  • watch a short cartoon
  • practise prepositions

1) Discuss
Look at the picture
  • What's the weather like?
  • Where is the man?
  • What is he doing?
  • What is he going to do?

2) Watch the cartoon
  • What is the man thinking about?
  • How does the shark get to the swimming pool?

Director: Bill Plympton
Producer: Desiree Stavracos
Editor: Desiree Stavracos
Production Designer: Lindsay Woods
Sound Designer: Weston Fonger
Music: Corey Jackson

3) Do the gap-fill
Look at these sentences
Put  the correct prepositions in the spaces.

Printable worksheet here

4) What can you remember?
Tell the story again. Don't look at the exercise. Can you remember all the prepositions?

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  1. I like this way of teaching it!!! excellent!