Monday 23 September 2013

Past Continuous / Past Simple (Revision Quiz)

You are going to 
  • revise the difference between the past continuous and the past simple.
  • look at some gif images and make sentences using the correct tense

Go here to revise
  1. Past Continuous (with gifs)  
  2. Past Simple / Past Continuous (with gif images) 

Do the quiz.
Write the correct sentences for each image.
Be careful of spelling and don't forget full stops.
The gif images may sometimes be slow to display.depending on your connection speed.

Carry on Doctor - Practising the past continuous / past simple, Film and TV,  Intermediate, Past Continuous, Past Simple, Writing, Writing a letter of complaint


  1. Ahem ... we all inadvertently publish typos and spelling mistakes: "Revison?

    That doesn't stop me from recommending this site to colleagues in Indonesia however.

    1. Ha ha! I hadn't seen that. Now fixed.