Sunday 14 October 2012

Tom and Jerry - "Buddies Thicker Than Water"

You are going to
  • watch a Tom and Jerry cartoon
  • practise there is / are, a / some / any, adjectives, to be, plural nouns, present simple

1) Watch the cartoon
Look at the list of nouns.
Watch the cartoon below and put "Yes" if you can see them or "No" if you can't.

Buddies, Thicker Than Water by MistyIsland1

2) Some /Any /A
Look at the sentences and choose the right answer

3) True or False?

4) Adjectives
Choose the best adjective for each picture

5) Summary
Fill in the gaps

Printable worksheets here

Practise with another Tom and Jerry cartoon

Tom and Jerry on Cartoon network


  1. Can I ask for a correction? There is a mistake in exercise 5). The second gap should be "hungry" and the fourth "sleeping".

    1. Thank you very much Mark. No idea how that happened.
      I've fixed it now.
      Any other problems / mistakes let me know.

      Thanks again