Wednesday 21 November 2012

Film Reviews - Skyfall and The Master

You are going to
  • practise language for talking about films
  • listen to two very short film reviews (Skyfall and The Master)
  • write / present a film review

1) Discuss
  • What are your favourite films?
  • How often do you go to the cinema?
  • Do you look at film reviews before watchng?
  • What's the best film you've seen recently?
  • Look at these two posters. Have you see the films Skyfall and The Master?

2) Before we start
  1. How many words connected with the cinema and films can you think of in 60 seconds?
  2. Write a list of vocabulary - Actor, comedy, camera....
  3. Who has got the most?
  4. Share your film vocabulary with the class

3) Watch the Skyfall trailer
  • Do you know / like James Bond films?
  • What kind of films are they?
  • Watch the trailer for the latest Bond film "Skyfall".
  • What kind of film is it?

4) Listen
Listen to a review of Skyfall by Chris Hewitt of BBC Radio 6 Music.
1) What adjectives does he use to describe the film?

2) Listen again and do the gap-fill exercise below
Ergo = therefore
Butts heads with =  argues
Easing into = finding his place, getting comfortable

5) Watch The Master trailer
  • Have you seen "The Master"?
  • Watch the trailer.
  • Who is in the film?
  • When is the film set?

6) Listen
Listen to a review of The Master by Chris Hewitt of BBC Radio 6 Music.
1) Does he like the film?

2) Listen again and do the True / False exercise below.

7) Write / Present
Write or present your own short film review
You can
a) write a film review
b) take notes and present your review to the class or record yourself reading it.
Don't forget to use some of the film / cinema vocabulary you have practised above.
Use some adjectives too. Amazing, Brilliant...
Superlatives - The best...

  • What's the name of film?
  • What kind of film is it? (Horror, comedy, romantic...)
  • Name of Director / Producer / Script writer
  • Who are the cast?

Description of main characters
  • Who are they?
  • What kind of people are they?
  • What do they do?

Plot (story)
  • What happens in the film? DO NOT tell the complete story of the film (or the ending) or you will ruin it for people! Just briefly describe the plot. Don't give too many details.

Your opinion
  • Did the film have a good plot? Did you believe it? Was it convincing?
  • Did you learn anything from watching the film or was it just entertaining?
  • Did the actors play their parts well? Can you give an example of a scene in the film with a great performance?

  • Would you recommend the film? Why?

8) Practise
Do the crossword

Printable worksheets here
Crossword here

More reviews

Official "Skyfall" site

Official "The Master" site


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