Monday 10 December 2012

The very honest Austrian bus driver

You are going to
  • listen to the story of a man who found a lot of money in a bag
  • do a listening comprehension activity
  • practise the 2nd conditional

1) Discuss
  • What would you do if you stumbled across a bag containing just over half a million dollars?
  • Would you take it and say nothing or would you do the right thing and hand it in to the police?

2) Listen
Listen to the radio clip.
You are going to hear about a bus driver who found a lot of money in a bag.

  • How much money was in the bag?

3) Practise
Now do the quiz

4) Read
Go to the link below and read the text
Find out
  • How old was the elderly lady?
  • What was the bus driver's name?
  • How did the police trace the owner of the money?
  • What did he bus driver's employers think of him?
Click here to read

5) Discuss
  • Do you think the driver should have got a reward?
  • Do you think he should have got more?

6) Write
The bus driver wanted to meet the lady.
Imagine their conversation when they meet.
  • Where do they meet?
  • What do you think they say to each other?
  • What questions do you think the driver asks the lady?
  • Does she give him a reward?

Printable worksheet here

7) Speak
2nd Conditional
Look at the presentation below and discuss the questions

                     If... 2nd conditional from David Mainwood

2nd Conditional

Excellent clip using "The Big Bang Theory"


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