Friday 17 May 2013

What's this? (Memory Game)

Game for beginners

You can
  • play it as a team quiz (use a dice to move from 1 - 25) and answer the question for each number (like Snakes and Ladders)
  • choose a number and go from left to right or top to bottom (Like Blockbusters). When you have a line of correct answers you win.
  • answer all the questions as a normal quiz 
  • play it again as a memory game after you have played it once (eg can you remember? What's number 7?)
  • invent your own game
  • download it as a ppt and adapt it (see below)

  1. Look at the presentation
  2. Download it as a ppt file
  3. See how many you remember. Click play to start.
  4. Click on a number on the numbers page (page 2) and answer the question which appears.
  5. Click on the question page again to see the answer.
  6. Click on the triangle to return to the numbers page and repeat.

Look at the presentation and then download it as a ppt to play the game.

You can download this game  here 
Feel free to adapt it.

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  1. Hi,
    I am giving you The Sunshine Award (it's the only one I can give!). Thanks so much for sharing your impressive work.

    1. Hi Marga, Thank you so much! It's appreciated. I'm glad this is useful.
      ~ David

  2. Really awesome presentation. Adapted it for my own lesson and put in different pictures but the layout is perfect. Thanks man