Monday 12 March 2012

Miss Devine

You are going to
  • look at language for describing people
  • watch a video and do a listening comprehension quiz
  • write a description of someone you know

1) Discuss
  • How many words do you know to describe someone?
  • How many can you think of in one minute?

2) Vocabulary match
Look the words below. Can you match them?
Drag and drop each word on the right to its nearest opposite on the left.

3) Discuss
Most of the words in the exercise are adjectives.
How many are nouns?
How many are verbs?
Answers - highlight below
nouns = a pensioner, a toddler, a party animal, a loner
verbs = to fit in, to stand out

4) Watch
Miss Devine
You are going to listen to cousins Cherrie Johnson and James Ransom who spent many weekends at their grandparents house in Florida. During these visits they attended the local methodist Church Sunday school. They now remember their neighbour and Sunday school teacher, Miss Lizzie Devine.

Look at the photo.
Describe the photo.
What kind of person do you think she is?
Kind, generous, short-tempered?

Watch the clip and answer.
  • How do they describe Miss Devine's appearance? What did she look like?
  • How do they describe her character or personality? What was she like?
  • What stories do they tell about her?
  • Do you think they like or admire her?
  • Did they learn anything from her?

5) Gap-fill
How much do you remember?
Here is a summary of the clip. Fill in the blanks.

Printable versions here

6) Write
Write about someone special you know or remember.
  1. Introduce him / her. Who is he / she? Your brother, sister, best friend, teacher, colleague...?
  2. Describe his / her appearance.
  3. Describe his / her personality.
  4. Tell one or two stories about him / her to illustrate his / her character
  5. Explain why you like or admire him / her?
  6. Did you learn anything from him / her?
  7. Conclude. Say why the person is special to you.

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