Saturday 23 June 2012

Shaun of the Dead - Passive for News

You are going to
  • watch a clip of the film "Shaun of the Dead"
  • listen to the passive used in a news broadcast
  • do some comprehension activities

Shaun of the Dead (2004) directed and co-written by Edgar Wright, co-written and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
The DVD is available on amazon here

1) Discuss
Do you like comedy films?
Do you like horror films?

Watch the Trailer. What kind of film is Shaun of the Dead?

2) Introduction
Shaun of the Dead
Shaun is a salesman whose life has no direction. He has a Mum, a stepfather (Phillip), and he shares his house with a housemate, Pete. Ed, Shaun's best friend, lives on their sofa. Shaun's girlfriend, Liz, has broken up with him so Shaun goes for a drink with Ed at the Winchester pub...

3) Before you watch
Vocabulary - Check you know the meanings of these words and expressions
  • to confront
  • to be mugged
  • crackheads
  • sketchy
  • to flee
  • standstill
  • assailants
  • be "a bit under the weather"
  • to grab
  • wait for something to "blow over"

4) Watch the film
The film cannot be embedded here from YouTube
  • so click here to watch it on YouTube. Watch 00:21.00 - 00:37.40
  • or watch this clip here for exercises A,B and C
  • Ex D can be seen here

If you have the DVD watch from 00:21.00 - 00:37.40
Then do exercises A, B, C and D

A) True or False? 
Watch 00:20:55 - 00:26:45 and do the true of false exercise below

B) The News.
Look at the exercise and watch 00:26:45 - 00: 34:35 and fill in the gaps with the correct passive


C) Mum's phone call
Watch 00: 34:35 - 00:35:27 and listen to the phone call. Match Shaun's questions with his mum's answers

D) The Plan
What's the final plan?
Watch 00:35:27 - 00:37:13 and fill in the space with a verb

Printable worksheet here

Shaun of the Dead fan site


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