Sunday 8 July 2012

The Rolling Stones

You are going to
  • read about the Rolling Stones
  • look at a video and do a comprehension activity
  • read a text and do matching activities
  • practise asking questions
  • listen to a song and do a gap-fill exercise
  • practise the past
  • make a presentation about your favourite band / singer

1) Introduction
  • Do you like Rock music?
  • Who is your favourite rock band?
  • 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Rolling Stones. What do you know about the Rolling Stones?

2) Read
Look at the presentation below. Click on it to open. 
  1. Look at the pages. What can you find out about the Rolling Stones just by looking at the photos?
  2. Read the text in it (best viewed in full screen) and follow the instructions. The text is the same as in exercise B below.
Vocabulary -  a gig = a show, a concert

    B) Read the text again. There are 8 question headings for 8 paragraphs.
    Read the text and choose the best question heading for each paragraph.

    C) Ask Questions
    Make questions for the answers from the text.

    Listen to one of their most famous songs while you do the exercises - Jumping Jack Flash

    3) Video
    Watch the clip
    1) Listen and find out
    • Why have the Rolling Stones lasted so long?
    • What has made them one of the biggest rock bands?

    Answers - Highlight below
    1. They "stayed together" and enjoy it.
    2. Unique sound and lively shows 

    2) What can you remember?
    Do the matching exercises below. Match the year with the event

    4) Listen / Song
    "Sympathy for the Devil"
    One of the Rolling Stones' most famous songs and one that has been used in films and covered by many other bands.

    Watch the clip, listen to the song's lyrics and do the gap fill below.

    Printable worksheets here

    5) Discuss
    What do you think of the Rolling Stones?
    Who is your favourite band or singer?
    Why do you like them?
    Are they very popular? Why? / Why not?

    6) Presentation / Speaking / Research / Writng (note taking)
    Choose a band or singer you like and make a (powerpoint) presentation about them. Tell their story.
    Look on the internet for some photos to illustrate your presentation.
    Look for information but NEVER copy and paste. Just take notes. Select the important information.
    Play some short clips of their music during your presentation.

    • Introduce them - Who are they?
    • Career - Give a short outline of their career
    • Conclusion - Why are they popular / important / interesting / good..?
    • This is a speaking activity so don't put too much written information in the presentation. 
    • Never read text from the presentation. You should explain what your audience can already see.
    • You can use notes to speak but the presentation should be mostly visual. 

    See here for more


    Official site

    Learning / practice activities on the Beatles 

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    Watch the Rolling Stones at their primitive best. Live at the Marquee club in London in 1971

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