Thursday 3 November 2011

Visit Britain - You're invited.

You are going to
  • watch 3 tourist adverts for Great Britain
  • do some listening and vocabulary activities
  • look at adjectives to describe feelings and places
  • write or present a descriptive advert for your country

What do you know about Great Britain?
  • What is it famous for?
  • What famous British people do you know?
  • What are the famous places in Great Britain?
  • How do you feel when you visit new places?

Watch Advert 1
You are going to watch an advert for Great Britain. 

1) What adjectives can you hear?


2) Now look at the exercise below. Match the correct meaning to the participles on the left.
You can drag and drop the expressions into the right place.

Answer these questions
How do you feel when you go on holiday?
How do you feel when you watch a good film?
How do you feel when you fall deeply in love with someone or something?
How do you feel when you see a magic trick?
How do you feel when you do something dangerous?
How do you feel when your teacher tells you that you are a brilliant student?

Watch Advert 2
You are going to watch Jamie Oliver. Jamie is a famous TV chef.

1) Here are some adjectives. Watch the advert and match them with these topics;

cities  |  countryside |  seaside |  food
  • amazing = cities
  • busy
  • bustling
  • (really) special
  • lush
  • green
  • amazing
  • (absolutely) incredible
  • great
  • some of the very best (in the world)

Now do the exercise.

2) Jamie says the UK is "steeped in loads of tradition" but also we are a "magpie culture"
  • What does he mean by "magpie culture"? (A magpie is a bird. It can also describe a person who collects and keeps many things)
  • What examples does he give?

Answers - highlight below
  • We are very multicultural. We take and embrace bits from different cultures.
  • Food. Music. Fashion. The arts. 

Watch Advert 3
You are going to watch Dev Patel in London's Leicester Square. Dev Patel starred in the film Slumdog Millionaire

1) Before you watch. What do these expressions mean?  Double click on each word to find out.

cutting edge, forefront, really into, a melting pot, diverse, chilled out, buzzing, energetic, boisterous

2) Read his introduction. Why does he like Leicester Square?

Coming from the suburbs most exciting thing about central London for my friends and me was the energy of Leicester square. I always wanted to be an actor and this is the place where all the big premieres happen and I dreamt of one day having one of my films here too. My dream did come true. The British "Slum Dog Millionaire" film premier was down in Leicester Square.

3) Watch the advert. What adjectives does he use to describe Britain?

4) Now put these sentences from the video in the correct order. Watch again if you need to.
 You can drag and drop the sentences into the right place

Writing / Presentation
Write or present a short advert for your country, city or region
Look on the internet to find important information
Talk about the cities, countryside, food, culture and customs

Don't forget to use lots of adjectives
  • Past participles say how something makes you feel - invigorated, involved, inspired...
  • Adjectives describe something - amazing, busy, bustling, really special, lush, green, amazing, absolutely incredible, some of the very best, cutting edge, diverse, chilled out, buzzing, energetic, boisterous...

Reading and practice

More infomation and reading about Great Britain
Look at the Cities and Towns. Where would you like to go?
Choose 3 places. Say why you would like to go there.

More on participial adjectives

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